среда, 21 марта 2012 г.

Some words about...

... about a film that I had seen. I do not understand how such a film can be allowed to view. It is a low, vulgar, full of madness, and devoid of any moral film. I am very sorry that we were so unresponsible in choosing a movie to watch. I really hope that we will go to a good and positive film with you, Svetlana Nikolaevna

среда, 14 марта 2012 г.

"In time"

Hello everyone!
We didn't write here for a long time...It's the spring outside the window but despite it we're writting about our winter holidays now.....

We enjoyed our last winter holidays very much. We didn't go anywhere. But we had a good time staying at home. We had a plenty of time and read many books, magazines, newspapers every day. We also watched TV, listened to the music and went out for a walk. The weather wasn't fine all the time. It was very cold and absolutely no snow. What a pity......So we couldn't walk for a long time.. instead of this we went shopping almost every day and met in the cafe with our friends with big pleasure.  So we had a wonderful time.

среда, 28 декабря 2011 г.

Dear Inna Anatol'evna! Serezha is writing...

Hello! I want to tell you some information about myself. My name is Sergei Zacepilin. I am the 1st year student of ASMA like Natia and Naila. We are former classmates. Unfortunately we don't study in the same group in ASMA, but it does not prevent us to be friends. So... some words about my hobbies. I like to play the gitar and I am well versed in computers but for a wonder I don't like the social networks.  What else??  I take a great interest in medicine. I know that my future profession will give me a great possibilities. My duty will be to treat people and against different deseases. I'm sure that to treat somebody is the noblest work!

and it's my photo))

вторник, 20 декабря 2011 г.


The semester is coming to the end... It is time for renting exemptions... 

We've already passed three of all! 

I'm sorry I'm late))))

Hi! I did't write here for an eternity!  So) I want to tell you something new, what was happend last time.
At first... I took part in the concert. It was the contest "Hello we are looking for talents") This event was organized by the 1-st year students of our Academy. It was very nise speech. As I have alrealy writen, I acted there too. You don't now, (but I reveal the secret) - I write poems. And one of it was read by me in this concert. This is it...

Иногда, на то, чтобы понять, требуются годы...
Иногда, на то, чтобы принять, уходят века...
Иногда гибнут за веру народы
И остаются глухими к мольбам Бога.

Крупицы жизни собирают в одиночку усердно,
Стараясь сотворить жизнь лишь для себя.
Заставлять думать о других? Это тщетно.
Они существуют, лишь свое сердце любя.

А я стою посредине вчера и завтра
И смотрю в дорогое сердцу лицо.
Понимание всегда приходит внезапно.
Но всем вместе нам жить суждено!

На то, чтобы понять, не жалко годы.
На поиски истины потратим века.
Пусть объединяются в молитве народы.
Ведь жизнь нам дается всего лишь одна!

I got the diplom for it)